meet P N BurroWs

P N Burrows sat on a bench Pondering his next book

“Authors walk in clouds of possibilities, they talk to the ghosts of characters and sometimes these ghosts are penned into reality.

P N Burrows – 2022

The Jarrod Series

The Jarrod Series follows the Earthly adventures of an extra dimensional wizard and his frequent companion in dangerous escapades, Detective Sarala Widcombe. To solve Detective Widcombe’s cases they must battle demons and humans, whilst keeping the Metropolitan Police ignorant of the perils ahead. 

The Mineran Series

The Mineran Series of books delves deep into the fictional escapades of Sam Shepard, an ex-soldier who discovers that aliens are among us.  The story starts off in rural Wales in an area called Minera.  It’s a story of perseverance and tolerance.  Sam discovers that not all aliens are evil, but the ones that are, are well armed and pose a threat, not just to Earth, but the rest of the Universe.

Vigilante’s Wrath

The Vigilante’s Wrath* follows Edward Masters, an ex-army sapper who is disillusioned with the judicial system and takes the law in to his own hands. As a vigilante he has his own code of ethics. One, protect the women and children. Two, never spare the life of a criminal.

*Due 2023

Emily and her Mums Series

The Emily and her Mums was created as a children’s diversity picture book. It is not a book about her two mothers, it is about Emily choosing a pet. The book is printed with a special Dyslexic friendly font and as I live in Wales, it is also available in Welsh. The child friendly website can be found Here