Mineran Influence

Mineran Influence

Sam, an ex-soldier who is trying to rediscover himself after twenty years of service, unwittingly stumbles upon a mysterious alien presence in rural Wales. He thought he'd discovered criminal activities, it was more than that and everything he believed in was shattered. He is drawn into a tangled web of intrigue, pitting him against forces bent on destruction and putting his life in peril. Feeling mentally eroded by his time in the army and having worked hard to overcome this, he is thrust upon an alien journey that will change his life and beliefs in a profound way.

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Claims of benevolence are only the beginning of the mysteries he’ll have to unravel as doubt and mistrust haunt him. He will have to form unlikely alliances in order to fathom the mysteries at the secret Mineran enclave, where intrigue, deception and imminent danger reside.

His journey for answers will introduce him to pernicious enemies with hidden agendas, as a heinous plot to kill him unravels. Can he defeat his personal demons to secure justice and discover the truth of who or what is behind the nefarious machinations and why?




Series: Mineran Series, Book one
Genre: Sci-Fi
Publisher: CreateSpace
Publication Year: 2016
Format: Paperback, Ebook
Length: 226
ASIN: 1540536785
ISBN: 9781540536785

List Price: £7.99
eBook Price: £2.99
This novel is unlike anything I have read. I think that it is a great testament to the imagination of a writer that I can say that. This novel really kept me on my toes as far as expecting the unexpected. I enjoyed that some aspects of the story were taken from history and facts and other were complete fantasy. It was a great balancing act. I really enjoyed the pacing and how it was steady throughout. It is fast paced and doesn't let up and didn't have moments that dragged. It made for a fast and furious read. It really shined light on to the characters and world in general.
This novel has a very mysterious element to it. Even from the synopsis you are not sure what you are going to get. I would like to say that P N Burrows does a great job of bringing to life characters and a plot that are fresh and captivating to read about. It is really worth investing the time to delve in and get to the bottom of it. A very well written Sci Fi Novel.
I think this was a very character driven novel. Sam is compelling and fun. His personality really jumps off the pages and makes it easy to get behind him. The other great thing about this novel was that it was very exciting. There was so much going on and so many twists and turns and unexpected moments. It really kept me as the reader engaged throughout.
This was an interesting book. I’m not usually the type for war type books, but the descriptions were well done. It was a little graphic in the battle scenes for me, but the author did a good job of making you feel that you were there. If you like a good sci-fi meets military book, then I think you will really enjoy this one.
This was a thrill ride and quite a fun read. Sam as a main character really drew me in. Great, Sci Fi novel and writing from P.N. Burrows. The world he has created is so vivid and really helps the reader feel like they are there with the characters. A strong and fast paced plot will keep you invested the entire way through.
This was a Sci-Fi novel that really made me think on a deeper level than most Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels. I liked that this novel is written and can be enjoyed by all fans of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. There is a lot going on and a lot to understand since you are diving into a new world. I think that P N Burrows really managed to keep his readers up to speed by giving them just enough along the way without making them feel lost or bogged down with information.
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About the Author
P N Burrows

P N Burrows, was a former IT guru and business advisor, he is now a self-employed website designer, assisting fellow book authors with their marketing. Phil writes to maintain his sanity, as the stories in his head insist on being told!