Mineran Resolve

Mineran Resolve

With the Inner Sphere of Aligned Worlds (ISPAW) under siege, fragile communities are being torn apart as the war rages on. Sam and his friends are sent to locate and deal with the remaining Lost Ones. Can the Minerans resolve the crisis once and for all?

Due 2019

About the Book

Mineran Resolve is in the research stage at the moment. I aim to have the first draft completed by the end of the year.


Mineran Resolve


Series: Mineran Series, Book 5
Genre: Sci-Fi
About the Author
P N Burrows

P N Burrows, was a former IT guru and business advisor, he is now a self-employed website designer, assisting fellow book authors with their marketing. Phil writes to maintain his sanity, as the stories in his head insist on being told!

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